2018 A List of Ideas for Planning Wedding Reception

From traditional to contemporary, simple to exotic, every wedding is special.  Everyone wants their wedding to stand above the rest. Whether you’re looking to add a distinctive touch to a traditional wedding or your want to be truly unique, here is a list of some ideas to help you in planning that special celebration in your life.

When picking out the facility to hold your reception keep in mind the size of party you would like to have. The site should be able to accommodate all your wedding guests comfortably. Are you going to have dancing at your reception? Make sure the site has ample room to provide dancing for your guests.

If planning an outdoor wedding you may want to check with the Park and Recreational Department to see if they allow outdoor weddings and what their policies are. Make sure the park provides all the amenities your guests may need. You may even want to plan a family picnic for the next day after the wedding. That way family and friends that have traveled a long distance will have a chance to visit with each other and the bride and groom.

Will the reception site provide tables, linens, table skirting, napkins, and  table centerpieces? Your caterer may provide these things or they may not. Ask questions of your caterer to prevent any misconceptions. Will there be a microphone, microphone hook-ups, for the best man’s toast? Your D.J. may be able to help you with this if the reception site doesn’t provide this.  Whatever you decided make sure you get it in writing.

Your menu can be as simple as cake and punch or your can have an elaborate formal dinner. You may also want to offer Hors d’ oeuvres or a Buffet dinner. For a variety offer some fresh, low-fat selections for your guests. The time of year may affect your menu choices. If you have a themed wedding ask your caterer what they may provide for a menu to keep in line with your theme. Keep in mind the degree of formality, the time of day and most importantly your budget.

Tent Wedding Reception

You may want to add some special touches to your reception such as an ice sculpture for your buffet table, or a balloon archway for a dramatic entrance.  Wedding favors for your guests also help set the atmosphere for your reception. Your guest will enjoy taking a special memento home to commemorate your joyous occasion.

Want to really add some versatility to your reception? Tired of the same traditions and want to start some new ones? Try announcing that the bride and groom will only kiss when someone sings a song or that you’ll imitate any kiss another couple displays first. Your reception will be entertaining and your guests will enjoy inventing some comical performances.

You may want to ask some family and friends about any wedding traditions that they might like to share. This will make your Wedding Ceremony and reception more meaningful. Different cultures and religions may have some traditions that can be combined to make your ceremony and reception unique.

Plan your reception where it is appropriate for all your guests. You want to make this a memorable event for everyone. Have fun planning your day. After all this is your day to cherish and to make your own.

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