2018 Women Fashion Tips and Street Style Guides

The street style in fashion is a style of clothing ensembles that originates with real people instead of on the runways with designers and models. Women’s fashion ideas street style originate with real people who really wear the clothes to work, to play, and more. It is clothing that makes sense for you.

Women’s fashion ideas street style are determined by each individual and what you like, and what you are comfortable with. Street style has been around as long as there has been clothing, but in the 20th century, the fashion designers and fashion magazine editors started to take notice of the ordinary people who put looks together that worked for them. When these people took notice then street style clothing became a “thing”.

There are popular brands in street style now, and there are people posting photos so other people can try to copy the street styles they see, but you do not have to buy certain clothing or wear any certain look. The beauty of street style is that it is original and it is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

Clothing Styles for Short Women

Fashion Divas know their own body style

We all see people out on the street who look impeccably dressed. Most of the time the people you see on the street who look like they could have just stepped out of a fashion magazine are ordinary people who have simply learned how to dress their body.

We all have different body styles, different shapes, and different sizes. We all have different skin tones so different colors look better on each of us. The trick to looking perfectly dressed all of the time is to wear clothing that is cut to fit your body perfectly, and colors that compliment your skin tone.

Start in your own closet

In order to develop a women’s street style fashion that looks good on you, the first thing you do is start in your own closet. Pull out all of your outfits and make some decisions. In order to do this, you will have to be brutally honest with yourself about how things fit and how they look.


  • If something is not comfortable to wear then throw it out.
  • Do not worry about brands as much as you worry about quality. It does not matter if the coat you love is ten years old as long as it is a high quality piece that has stood up well through time.
  • Put each outfit on and bend over, squat down, sit in a chair.
  • Invite a friend to help you clear out the cutter. Ask them to be brutally honest about what looks good on you and what does not.

Women Street Style

Layers Work

A lot of the street style fashions are created when people layer different clothing pieces together. The midriff tops look wonderful under a comfortable faded denim shirt, or under a pretty shrug. This style looks good on the urban thin girls but it also works on women who are a little heavier and want to hide their upper arms. When you are looking for clothing make sure that you have some tops that fit snugly and some that are looser so you can layer lacks together.

Find your color and stick with it

street fashion color

I do not mean that you should buy everything you wear in exactly one color and shade. You should try different colors on and see what colors compliment your skin. The color of your blouse can enhance your beauty or the color can distract people. When you find the colors that look best on you then buy your clothing in that color spectrum.


The biggest women street fashion ideas and tips will tell you to accessorize properly. A plain tee shirt and jeans can turn into a cute look when you add the right hat, boots, jewelry, and bag. A scarf can take a simple shirt and dress it up so that you can wear it for any occasion.

women fashion accessories

You have to get comfortable with accessories. Shop all of your favorite stores for belts, hats, scarves, boot cuffs, and jewelry that you like. Be daring and bold with your accessories. Buy a hat with a feather, or throw a bright cape over a plain outfit. Use your accessories to blend the colors of your outfit, or to add a pop of color.

Do not limit your accessory shopping to your favorite stores. Look at consignment shops, used clothing stores, and flea market vendors to find unique pieces that you love. The key is for you to love the piece. If you like the piece then you will be confident in it and you will make it work.

Women's Modest Fashion

Became a people watcher

If you really want to develop a street style that is going to turn heads when you need to start paying attention to the people you see. I do not mean go watch for someone that is dressed like you like and copy them completely. I mean watch people and see what works in different body styles and in different venues.

There is nothing wrong with seeing something someone else is wearing and copying the look. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. But, do not copy other people to the point that you lose who you are. The girl in the high heels, jeans, and silky shirt may look great and be comfortable when she goes to her office, but if you are a veterinary assistant that same outfit would look ridiculous for you to wear to work. Consider what you do before you start to buy clothing or accessories.

Be a trendsetter

The biggest trendsetters are the people who are confident in their appearance. Forget about anything you do not like about your body. We all have things we do not like about our bodies. Just dress to accentuate the things you do like about your body and this will boost your confidence.

If you have great legs then show them off in slim fitting jeans, boats, and shorts, or short skirts. Be confident that everyone is seeing your legs and not paying attention to whatever body part you do not like. When you become confident then you will became a street style trendsetter.

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