5 Tips for You to Dress on a Budget

You all have a lot of things to buy and the money is getting less. This is why it’s useful to know how to dress on a budget. Tax increases dictate higher prices for all products, including clothes. And as these prices increase, so does the money coming out of your pocket. In times of crisis you should be more inventive when it comes to saving money. Especially when it comes to significant costs, such as those related to clothes.

We have gathered for you a list of the most effective ways to save money on clothes. They are complicated but all of them should be applied to see results. Here are the tips on how to dress on a budget.

1. Make a budget

Write on paper how much you want to spend on clothes per month? I’m sure many times you say that everything is under control, that you will not spend too much money. But how many times do you buy something on the spot, spontaneously? How often do you have unplanned expense? If you admit to being a victim of unplanned expenses in the clothing department, it’s time to put the budget on paper and, especially, keep to it!

2. Hunt reductions

Discounts are everywhere but you have to be alert and informed in order to catch them. Do not buy something ONLY because it says 75% discount. Instead, look through your closet and decide what clothes you need. Then be on the lookout for price reductions on those items that you do need.

3. Do not throw clothes, Refurbish them

Refurbish Dress

Why throw away a pair of jeans just because they tore in the crotch? Take it to a tailor who will be able to extend its life of months, thus saving you some money!

4. Do not buy clothes only from the malls

buy clothes from mall

Malls are where you are most likely to find the clothes you want and need. But often times, shops around the city have better quality and lower priced clothing items. Why? They probably do it because they don’t have the same exposure as the mall-shops, and this gives them a competitive advantage. Your task is to find these ‘hidden’ places and to consider them when you want to buy something.

5. Wear clothes in rotation to extend their life

You can save a lot of money if you learn to wear clothes alternatively. We’re talking everything: shirts, jeans, shoes, belts. Give them time to rest and they in turn will last longer. In addition, you capture the attention of those around you because you will not be two days in a row wearing the same clothes.

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