7 Factors To Be Considered When Choosing Women Dresses

Women are very special human beings. We have different kind of women and both of them have different views and perception about dresses. Some like dresses while other it is sad to say literally dislike dresses. In most cases dresses are view to bring feminism in women, therefore, when a woman is dressed in a dress, her feminism is shown. Before choosing a woman dress, there are certain factors to be considered for the dress to suit the person intended for.

When purchasing a dress for women, there are certain factors to be considered. Basically, the body size of the woman in question thus, the woman’s body will ultimately determine the style of dress. It is obvious that when you buy dresses for a woman, the main objective is to complement her body. Therefore, before making any purchase, one should consider these factors listed below in order to came up with the best.

1. Put On Air Assets

By saying so, this means that, if you are buying a dress for a woman, it would be best if certain features in her body is acknowledge for the dress to match her such as, if the lady in questions has attractive legs, then the dress to be chosen should that one which reveals them off. And in an incident that she has arms that is toned or even an attractive neckline then the best dress should be that one which will show off these physical features. However, be careful not to focus a feature extremely. A goad example is, in a situation where a woman has a big chest, try not to focus more on that but rather focus an her body more. The best dress for this would be a v-neck dress to highlight her chest but rather will guide the eyes of the viewers to her face.

2. Hide Physical Flaws Off 

A dress can be used to either highlight the striking features of a woman as well as hiding unattractive features. Therefore, large dresses tend to hide large calves or even the unattractive woman’s legs. For woman with large waste and stomach, the best dress that suits them are the baby doll dresses, while you can use an A-line dress to disguise large hips. In most cases, if you select a dress to hide one feature, it is best to balance it out by showing of another.

3. Adjust Height

Generally, long dresses tend to shorten women unlike a dress that are above the knees. They ultimately shows off the legs hence lengthen any woman. Other kinds of dresses that lengthen woman are solid colored dresses as compared to a design or even pattern dress.

4. Create Balance

When choosing a dress for a woman, it is important to consider all features of a dress such as the material used, color, length, shape as well as the design in order to create a well balanced look. Therefore, the best dresses are supposed to hide as well as highlight features on a woman hence to balance her figure.

5. Portrays Age Appropriately

It is morally considered for younger women to put on shorter as well as tighter dresses but when it comes to older women, the dress should not be shorter than the knee length. Therefore, for older women, a simple style would be recommended instead of styles boasting bows, frills and also ruffles hence the aforementioned styles are best suited for younger women and not older ones.

6. Consider Skin & Hair Color

Women who have dark hair and are dark skinned are best dresses in lighter as well as more colorful dresses. For more different from blondes as well as pale skin women, they look better in dresses that are darker in colors. Brawn and dark colors are also to be considered.

7. Match Personality

Women who are serious looks good in a conservative style dress unlike a relaxed and casual character who tend to appreciate the dress that have bright colors or even fun elements such as ribbons and jewels. The main idea is to make that woman feel free and comfortable with the dress when she wore it.


Generally, women dress various, some women would like a dress based on color, some will base their likes on sizes, features on the dresses and some on the fashions, that is, the designer who designed the dress while others would not consider neither of the above but so long as they are contented with the look, all will be good.

Women dress tend to go with fashion, therefore, before purchasing a woman’s dress, you should be up-to-date with the current, latest or the new fashion in town. Some women are in love with designer dresses so if that is not put into consideration, then they will not appreciate the dress as you intend them to do so. There are other kind of women who like being muscular and hence, they do not like putting dresses, so on cases like this, when choosing a dress, you have to be more attentive when choosing. They do not like tight and short dresses as well as reviling dresses. To be exact, they are more conservative when it comes to dresses as they don’t like showing of their body features but would rather prefer to be covered. Therefore, the best dresses for such women are the long dresses which have moderate colors.

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