How to Plan a Camo Wedding?

While waning a bit popularity from it’s heyday, hunting still remains a very popular outdoor activity for millions of people.  Some people love hunting so much that they choose to incorporate camouflage into their wedding!  What better way is there to show off your love of hunting than to have an entirely camo-themed wedding?!

Of course, as everyone knows, the dress is a huge part of the wedding but so are all the other clothes.  This is one of the best ways to incorporate the camo theme.  Both the men AND the women can wear camo clothing or camo accessories. The groom and groomsmen could wear camouflage vests and ties under more traditional suites, while the women could have hints of camo added to their dresses.  It’s up to you as to how casual or formal you’d like to make it.  It could be pretty casual with button-up shirts, jeans, boots and overalls.  There is no need to make the whole outfit camouflage, although some people elect to do that.  I wouldn’t recommend doing that if you are getting married outside.  You’re guests may not be able to see you and it’ll be hard to see you in the pictures!  Moving on from the clothes, women could add camo hair accessories, camo jewelry, or maybe even an awesome pair of camo shoes.

The cake is another fun thing that you can make camouflage. It can be decorated as all camo or maybe just have camo accents like a ribbon.  There are a wide variety of novelty cake toppers for the camo-themed wedding like: hunters, deer, leaves, shotgun shells, bears, pinecones, and of course flowers. The general idea is to make it look outdoorsy as if you are out hunting.

There are plenty of decorations in weddings that you can get creative with. How about camo tablecloths or tablerunners or maybe camo napkins and paper plates? With the table centerpieces, the opportunities are endless. You could do candles with branches around them, or again, country-themed figurines like deer. Camo ribbons here and there would also be cute. The wedding favors can also be colored camo and put in wooden baskets for a woodsy feel.

The reception site can also be tied into the theme. You could create a display of stuffed animals that you have hunted. That would add a lot of interest to the wedding and would be a great conversation piece. Moss or other green materials could be hung around the ceiling to make guests feel as if they are out in the woods. Then of course, there is the wedding archway. This would look great camo. It could have woodsy things on it like leaves and moss or it could have flowers for a more fresh, happy look.

This is just a very short list to get your creative juices going.  There are thousands of ways to plan a camo wedding. The biggest key is to have fun with it and do it the way you want! A camo wedding is sure to be a once in a lifetime memory for you and for all your guests.

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