The Most Important Decision – What Wedding Dress To Wear

When it comes to buying a wedding dress, each woman is different. Some worry about having a designer name tag, while others may want something different no matter who made the dress. Others want to save money but yet find the perfect dress while doing so. Some want to go simple and elegant, while other women look for a wedding dress that will make them look like a princess. With so many decisions, it is no wonder that choosing a wedding dress is one of the most stressful things a bride has to do. The chicken can be burnt or the cake can fall down but as long as the bride loves her dress, she’ll be all right once the day is over.

Your wedding dress should be exactly what you want, but you should be prepared to make some choices. You are probably going to find a few that you love and it may come down to price or even color. You can bypass this sort of choice by getting your wedding dress made for you, but even when you do this you still have to know what you want. Spend your time looking through bridal magazines and viewing dresses online. This will help you narrow down what you are looking for in a dress before you begin to shop.

Wedding Dress

Remember that there are many places to buy a wedding dress and you don’t have to put up with bad service. I don’t mean you should waltz into a shop and act like a diva but when you are going to drop a lot of cash on one dress, you should at least be treated with respect. I had a horrible encounter at David’s Bridal. Once the saleswoman learned that I didn’t know if I would buy that day or not, she decided I wasn’t worth her time. Now I know that she may have been working on commission, but there was no reason for rude behavior. I left David’s that day and bought my dress elsewhere. If you don’t like how you are being treated, walk away and make sure they know why you are leaving.

Remember to take your time when shopping, and try not to get stressed out about your wedding dress. This is something many only do once in a lifetime, so make sure you enjoy the process. Once you are married, you will look back fondly on the days leading up to your big day and you will want to remember not only wearing your wedding dress but also having fun choosing it.

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