Useful Tips to Save Money on Your Big Day

A wedding is an occasion that is so important and everyone is interested in haying it. It is, therefore, an event that is expected to be beautiful and awesome. There are a lot of things that need to be done and so requires many things to make it successful. This makes it expensive and if you do not plan yourself well may fail to meet the high expectation of people. You, therefore, have to organize up things and know how to cut costs but making sure that no one misses it and nothing misses as well. Here are some of the wedding ideas on a tight budget you need to consider before going to your wedding and at the end will make your wedding memorable.

The Timeline

Among the strategies to put in the planning of the event is to consider your timeline. Haw much time should you take in the planning of your wedding? Shorten the timeline of your planning. You need not wait for a year to get married. Set a short time horizon for the planning and this will keep you and force you to get streamlined and avoid unnecessary elaborate weddings. Alternatively, you can as well wait for some time.  In this manner, you will be able to take advantage of the seasonal sales which will help you cut costs and hence simplify your wedding.

The Wedding Date

Valentine's Days Wedding

The date of your wedding is one of the important things in the planning. The scheduling of the wedding should be in off-peak times at a time when the competition for dates is minimal. At this time you can get a more negotiating power. For instance, planning your wedding to be in November, January or March can help, and you can save up to 25 percent off the cost of a wedding. You need to avoid Valentine’s Day as this will make the costs high. The day also matters a lot. Saturday is a day known by many for having a wedding. You can check on the Friday rates and also consider doing the wedding on Sunday night and avoid the grumbling of too many guests and save costs.

The Venue of Event

Outdoor Wedding

You need to look for a venue that is non-traditional. Rather than going to a wedding reception hall or county club, you just look for facilities that are less expensive. These facilities are for example civic gardens, city-run spaces such as zoos or other offbeat locations that are meaningful to you like your parent’s yard on a beach. What you may need to check in such venues is that in case they are not equipped to serve as party venues then you can just bring in tables, a kitchen, and toilets among other necessary stuff and just calculate the extra costs. This will save you more costs.

The Wedding Dress and the Wedding Shoes

Wedding Dress and Shoes

The wedding dress is among the requirements that take more money. How should you plan yourself on this? To cut the cost of it, you can find out the dates of annual sales that are well known. You can either go for a shop designer or get one from sample sales. You can get the dress from a shop designer and go for the wedding shoes at the sample sales.  Strive to have the first pick from these places before anyone else, and you may acquire them at relatively lower prices. Other options are available as well.  You can choose to rent or borrow the dress or even go for a secondhand. The secondhand type is also good because it may have been worn only once. You can get this from craigslist on eBay.


Wedding Food

Considering the food for this occasion, you need to have the reception done in daytime. Based on the wedding trends it has been observed that serving lunch is cheaper than dinner You also have to do away with the choice of entree to be able to save on the food bill. You can try a combination plate and serve grilled shrimp with beef medallions or choose less expensive dish such as chicken and pasta, and amazing sauces will be prepared by the chef. You also need to avoid and get rid of the traditional sit-down dinner. Instead, you just have a cocktail reception with cake and cocktails or cake and punch. You can as well decide to have a potluck reception which is suitable for a wedding that is less formal, intimate and has a nice feeling of community. This will help you save money on the wedding.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

You can get an amazing cake by making it yourself. Avoid the matching of the lace from your gown or using sugar-paste flowers. This increases the cost. Just use satin ribbon or a real lace that is wrapped around each layer or use real flowers and will reduce your costs. The height of the cake should also be low. You will use more money with a long cake and requires more labor. Your cake needs to be small and decorate it wonderfully.

Flowers for the Wedding

Wedding Flowers

Do not bother looking for expensive flowers. Commit time and make your centerpieces. You can order wholesale flowers online and make your centerpieces. Seasonal and local flowers are also suitable for your reception. This cuts your costs. It is also budget-friendly to only use one kind of flowers. This is because one bulk order will only be needed by your florist to place. Avoiding cascades is also very necessary. Flowers have got a hidden cost just like cakes regarding labor. So you have to make an order of small flowers and bouquets that are hand-tied for the bride and people attending.

Photographing and Video Taking

wedding photography and videography

Go for a less-expensive package offered by photographers based on the hours worked. It is better for you to go for a shorter less-expensive package by doing yours at home. It is also advisable to do the early cutting of the cake to be able to release the on-the-clock shooters. You also need to consult former brides to get to know the kind of package you need and also let them share with you their experiences. With the aim of reducing the costs, you can hire a school student doing photography to do this. However, you need to check the portfolio of the student to see the examples of his or her portraits to ensure that the photos are in focus.

Invitations, Programs, and Favors

Wedding Invitations

The bridal party, family members, and other friends have various talents that you need to take advantage. This will become fun and a combined effort that will make the wedding a success. Save the cost of printing place cards by making some items do double duty. You can add the names of the guests to the favors and set one at each place, or you can print the guest’s names at the top of the menu cards. These are some of the wedding ideas on a tight budget that will make your wedding fabulous.

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