Women’s Clothing Collocation – What to Wear with High Heels

When it comes to shoes for women, we all agree that women look good in high heels. This is why they are the most popular shoes for women and almost every woman has several pairs in their wardrobe. If you are one of those women who can not live without high heels you may want to learn what to wear with high heels. The biggest fashion mistake a woman can make is to think that you can wear high heels with anything. They are like any other types of shoes and you should take time to find out what will look good with high heels.

What to Wear with High Heels

The first accessory you should buy to wear with high heels is stockings. Stocking can do a good job at hiding your flaws but the most important thing is that they will keep you from feeling under dressed. Some women tend to feel under dressed particularly when they wear a short dress with high heels. If you are one of those women you should buy a few stockings. You can wear them to work and to other places and still look sexy. Moreover, stockings will raise your backside to provide support for your legs and in turn avoid getting tired when you are wearing your high heels. If you are planning to wear your stockings with high heels you should always make sure that the color of your shoes is brighter than those of your stockings.

Stretch Your Feet with High Heels

On the other hand, you should never wear stocking with high heels that have open toes since this is considered to be a fashion flaw. However, if you have to wear you can buy stockings that do not cover your toes so they are not visible when you wear your open toed high heels. Another thing you should avoid when you wear high heels and stockings is patterned stockings or stockings that are brighter than your heels. Stockings are particularly good for women with skinny legs because they tend to add some weight to your legs.

High Heels

Every woman that loves high heels should learn what to wear with high heels so that they do not end up making a fashion blunder.  High heels for women are best worn with stockings, especially if you wear a short skirt or dress. Stockings can add volume to your legs and at the same time keep you from feeling under dressed. However, make sure the high heels have more color than the stockings.

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